Jordan Caravan Tour

Day 1: Meet on the border or the port in the morning with our guide and representative. You’ll be taken on a city tour of Aqaba (Jordan’s port city) in an air conditioned car. Afterwards, we’ll travel through by the Desert Highway to the majestic desert of Wadi Rum where we will have a lunch break and enjoy a 2 hour tour by jeep of this magnificent desert. There we will see the sights and watch the sunset, followed by continuing on to a Bedouin camp for the night. The Bedouin Camp provides private facilities and private quarters for sleeping. We have showers with hot water in this isolated environment to enjoy the outdoors while still having creature comforts.

Day 2: We’ll enjoy an early morning breakfast before departing Wadi Rum. Then we journey to the ancient city of Petra where you’ll walk through the canyon walkway to the spectacular famous structure the ”Treasury.” After enjoying a wonderful tour of Petra and having lunch amongst the surroundings of one of the 7 Wonder of the World, we’ll take you to relax in a grand hotel.

Day 3: After a nice rest and breakfast we’ll travel to see Little Petra. Little Petra is one of the oldest civilizations in Jordan. The Nebataeans settled in Little Petra and as the population grew, it began to spread to what we know as Petra today. After visiting Little Perta we’ll travel through the King’s Way to the great Castle of Karak where Saladdin and Richard the Lion Heart fought in the crusades. After enjoying the grand structure of Karak we’ll continue on to Medaba, the city of mosaics and churches. After enjoying the splendor of this green lush land, we will take our rest for the night in Medaba.

Day 4: In the morning, we visit Mount Nebo (the mountain where Moses stood to see the Holy Land) where you will be able to see the West Bank and the city of Jericho. On a clear day you’ll even be able to see Jerusalem (the Holy City or Al Quds). It is visited by many walks of faith for it holds great value to all who come to see it. Then we will drive to the Dead Sea where we will spend a few hours floating in its healing waters and take a recuperative mud treatment. Visit to the Dead Sea have an unforgettable experience as the high density of the water makes sinking virtually impossible! Then transfer to the border for your departure. Safe travels.

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